Sarah Best Naturally Able Guide

Sarah Best

Sarah is our resident social media guru as she helps us share NATURALLY ABLE resources on a daily basis. A natural entrepreneur, Sarah also runs her own social media consulting practice and works from home in Upstate New York.

Sarah graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Sociology and a concentration in Human Services. She has always been passionate about working and interacting with people. Growing up having Cerebral Palsy, she has never let her disability define her. She constantly looks at her challenges as opportunities to educate those around her.

People often describe Sarah as having a unique way of connecting on both a personal and professional level. Currently, she is very involved in the disability community serving as an Ambassador for the Abilities Expo.

She also leads disability awareness training programs for Amtrak employees on behalf of Open Doors Organization. Since 2016, Sarah has served as a certified peer mentor for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, helping individuals with disabilities to navigate their world.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling and listening to music. Sarah is the proud parent of our team mascot, Edison, who also wears the honorary title of being Sarah’s service dog, protector and best friend.

Sarah is thrilled to be a part of the N-ABLE team! To her, this effort represents a community of like-minded people, all striving towards a common goal — to help everyone be the best they can be.


andrea dalzell is the seated nurse naturally able

Andrea Dalzell, BSN, RN

Meet the set of wheels that is taking New York by storm! Andrea Dalzell is the first registered nurse to complete nursing school as a wheelchair user in New York City. She is also a pioneering activist for people with disabilities.

Known on social media as the Seated Nurse, Andrea is a force to be reckoned with, and has emerged victorious against all the obstacles in her path. Tranverse Myelitis left her paralyzed at the age of 12, but she did not allow her disability to become or define her. Andrea completed an undergraduate degree at the College of Staten Island majoring in Neuroscience, biology and nursing.

As an advocate and activist for the rights of people with disabilities, she’s garnered various awards. She was awarded CUNY’s Emerging Leader of The Year Award and also received the Cindy Loo Disability Rights Advocate Award in 2015. Aside from juggling her career as a school nurse, she finds the time to travel and spread awareness for issues that affect people with disabilities such as health, transportation, accessibility and many more.

Andrea was crowned Ms. Wheelchair New York 2015, and utilized her title and platform, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Access, to promote her message and belief that people with disabilities can live a fulling life. She has been featured in O Magazine, Arise TV, New Mobility and other publications/media outlets.

Thanks to her diverse experience, Andrea has presented at a variety of conferences including Medtrade and the U.S. Pain Foundation’s 2019 Pediatric Pain Family Camp,

In her latest commercial for Apple, she inspires an innovative addition to the Apple Watch that tracks pushes instead of steps, as a means of tech inclusion for everyone who uses a wheelchair. Follow Andrea on her social pages below to keep an eye on this rising star!

Kristina Rhoades Naturally Able

Kristina Rhoades

An accomplished industry leader and disability advocate, Kristina Rhoades serves the community-at-large as a gifted writer and life coach who works from home in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Kristina was paralyzed as a baby, and has pursued her passions in life with a zest and zeal that is rarely matched.

Today, she is happily married to her childhood best friend and enjoys homeschooling her daughter. She has used her life experiences as a former Ms. Wheelchair California and business leader to help guide others in her community.

She says, “To me, conscious living is about awareness and intention. It’s the awareness that we have tremendous control over our own lives and the understanding that we are intimately connected to the world around us.”

“Embracing these truths inspires us to make more intentional decisions when it comes to our personal health and happiness, our relationships and how we treat others, and even the way in which we impact the planet,” she adds.

An avid music lover and of all things creative, you may find Kristina spinning tracks in her hometown as “DJ Hotwheels” or assisting with wellness retreats and other therapeutic programs in addition to her body of work here on NATURALLY ABLE.

Chris Salas N-ABLE Guide

Chris Salas

When is the last time you went out of your way to help someone in need? After a life-altering auto accident, Chris learned to appreciate life and devote his time to helping others.

Chris started his career after high school as a sales rep for TruGreen and quickly became one of their top salesmen. But after his accident in 1997, followed by years of physical and mental therapy, Chris began volunteering and visiting newly injured people at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2010, Chris founded Rolling Inspirations, a 100-person-strong support group for those with mobility impairments, eventually turning the program into a certified 501c3 non-profit.

It wasn’t long until Rolling Inspirations gained national attention from United Spinal Association. Chris was invited to serve as president of their San Antonio chapter while simultaneously leading as the South Texas ambassador and a peer mentor for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

A high mark of his community-focused career arrived with his invitation to give a motivational presentation at a Palo Alto College TEDx event in 2019. He is thrilled to continue his personal mission of support and outreach through his contributions to NATURALLY ABLE.

After all he’s achieved, Chris feels like his work is never done and lives by his mantra: “Disabled is a label I intend to redefine!”

Jenn Wolff Naturally Able Guide

Jenn Wolff, OT

Jenn Wolff is a disability justice advocate, an occupational therapist and 2011 Ms. Wheelchair Iowa. Jenn began using a wheelchair after she was paralyzed due to surgery and radiation that was intended to remove and treat a tumor in her spine.

She has had the honor of meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of people with disabilities across the nation through her past role in leading UsersFirst, a United Spinal Association advocacy initiative, and by presenting at Abilities Expos nationwide. Today, this native of Waverly, Iowa is focused on empowering her fellow Iowans to share their stories as a means of improving policies and access throughout the state.

Jenn also serves a program coordinator for the Backbones Leadership Program (new this year!), and leads community programs as the advocacy chair of the Iowa Chapter of United Spinal Association. She is also a member of the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium’s Executive Council.

“Getting involved with advocacy helped me find my voice,” Jenn shares. “Telling our stories is essential in creating change and it’s become my life goal to create spaces where people with disabilities find inner strength and power in their lived experiences.“

As a grassroots advocacy guide for the NATURALLY ABLE community, Jenn often shares why it’s important to get involved with advocacy on the local level and how mindfulness can influence a person’s resiliency!

Lisa Wells N-ABLE Founder Get Social consulting

Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells is the former president of Get Social Consulting, a medical device marketing firm that advised healthcare providers across three continents on better ways to connect with their customers through digital marketing and social media. As the founder of NATURALLY ABLE, Lisa has previously established several social media communities for wheelchair users, including LASCI and Wheel:Life.

With firsthand experience in autoimmune disease as well as being an outspoken advocate and a former caregiver for people who have mobility challenges, Lisa recently portrayed herself on an episode of the groundbreaking ABC tv show SPEECHLESS.  She has written four books for the disability and home medical supply industries while mentoring up-and-coming marketing professionals and community advocates for more than a decade.

“While being treated for coronavirus symptoms in the early stages of the pandemic’s impact on the US, I spent three weeks in quarantine alone in my house. In that moment, it was time to reclaim my life, my health, and my ability to serve people who need meaningful support as they, too, navigate a new normal,” she says.

“NATURALLY ABLE is a collective gift created by my own life experience and those of our Guides. I hope this resource helps you heal and grow as much as it has helped me.”