Caitlin Patrick

Caitlin Patrick is an artist, writer and former classically trained ballerina, residing in Dayton, OH with her dog Chester and a vast plant collection. Since an early age, her desire has been to be an artist, and her love of art has shown up in her life in a multitude of ways.

Numerous trips to Europe planted seeds within her of a love for the arts, as well as a deep appreciation for slow and intentional living. By way of writing and painting, Caitlin hopes to convey the profound importance of the magic that unfolds when we trade our expectations for appreciations.

“For me, living what I truly feel my purpose is has always been more important than showing up for a job that I don’t believe in, just for the sake of a paycheck. I feel that at the core, art is about seeing the beauty in everything,” Caitlin shares. “By letting go of our expectations of how life should occur, we are given a tremendous gift to live in a state of gratitude and abundance.”

“Growing up with a brother who has a disability, I never saw him as anything less than whole and fully capable. I didn’t have expectations on who he ‘should’ be.”

“Part of my mission with my art and my writing here on NATURALLY ABLE is not just to remind people of the beauty we are given to experience in our daily lives, but also to show that we are all One.”

“Our experience may look different than someone else’s, but we are all intrinsically worthy of living our purpose, no matter how we get there or what it looks like.”

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Caitlin supports agency operations for the N-ABLE guide team.