Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells is the former president of Get Social Consulting, a medical device marketing firm that advised healthcare providers across three continents on better ways to connect with their customers through digital marketing and social media. As the founder of NATURALLY ABLE, Lisa has previously established several social media communities for wheelchair users, including LASCI and Wheel:Life.

With firsthand experience in autoimmune disease as well as being an outspoken advocate and a former caregiver for people who have mobility challenges, Lisa recently portrayed herself on an episode of the groundbreaking ABC tv show SPEECHLESS.  She has written four books for the disability and home medical supply industries while mentoring up-and-coming marketing professionals and community advocates for more than a decade.

“While being treated for coronavirus symptoms in the early stages of the pandemic’s impact on the US, I spent three weeks in quarantine alone in my house. In that moment, it was time to reclaim my life, my health, and my ability to serve people who need meaningful support as they, too, navigate a new normal,” she says.

“NATURALLY ABLE is a collective gift created by my own life experience and those of our Guides. I hope this resource helps you heal and grow as much as it has helped me.”