Richard Corbett

As the star of the Wheels2Walking YouTube channel, Richard is presently one of the most-watched social media influencers in the disability space. “I make videos for newly-injured wheelchair users to help improve their quality of life and regain independence,” he shares.

Richard began his video-based outreach effort less than two years ago. Today, he has more than 10 million video views and a skyrocketing social media presence that exceeds 100,000 followers.

As the 2020 Shorty Award Winner for their top health and wellness influencer of the year, Richard has recently starred on the covers of SPORTS ‘N SPOKES, New Mobility and HomeCare magazines, and was named the 2019 winner of the Wheels UP! photo contest hosted by SPORTS ‘N SPOKES.

Richard has made a conscious choice to share his talents as a founding member of the NATURALLY ABLE community, as he is in a unique position to assist organizations who wish to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

He explains, “N-ABLE Guides are a skilled team of superstars who can revolutionize healthcare providers’ approach to consumer marketing. However, our highest goal as a community-focused team is to build a support bridge that helps other wheelchair users escape the disability poverty trap.”

“With everything I do on a professional level, I hope to not just lift myself up, but also to assist a whole generation of people with disabilities who want to make a career for themselves.”