Scott Stone

While he’s not yet a Samurai, Scott Stone is a devoted practitioner of mindfulness, movement and meditation. When he’s not moving on his yoga mat or meditating in his 32°F ice bath, he’s likely building and serving his community.

He’s also the president of Community Conscious Consulting, a digital marketing agency that serves the disability community and healthcare service providers.

Scott says, “I exist to connect, promote and unleash the beauty, love and grit that we experience as we author our personal legend.”

“There are two things I believe in whole-heartedly; that we exist in relationships and that the best thing you can give the world is living your life fully expressed. I love telling stories and helping individuals and companies find their unique value within their community.”

Prior to his consulting work, Scott served as Vice President of Customer Experience for Obi Robot, a robotic dining companion for individuals who must be fed by a caregiver. He helped launch and bring this product to market for people who rely on assistive technology to increase their independence.