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In uncertain times, N-ABLE Guide Richard Corbett wants you to know one thing is always certain: This too shall pass. Read on to learn how Richard adjusted his mindset as he fought through the trauma and fear that goes with experiencing paralysis, along with how he’s using that experience today to encourage millions of followers on YouTube and social media.
With more than 8 million YouTube views under his belt, Wheels2Walking’s founder Richard Corbett literally can’t sit still. He’s on a mission to make sure you don’t either, by encouraging viewers to explore their own world on wheels through his adventures on film!
He says, “Nine years ago, my life changed forever due to a 50-foot fall. Now I’m ready to share my strength and hope with you.”
Richard Corbett New Mobility
New Mobility magazine recently interviewed Richard about his entrepreneurial journey. It’s a long read but enjoyable if you’re a fellow entrepreneur or business person.
Today’s present times of self-isolation and uncertainty of what lies ahead has created a sense of urgency for people to employ coping mechanisms that they may have never relied upon before, as they feel vulnerable and paralyzed by an unfamiliar situation.
That’s why Richard and his team as Wheels2Walking got busy, ramping up their planned launch of a self-encouragement campaign to go live sooner than expected.
If you haven’t yet seen the “Temporary” video campaign making the rounds on social media, we invite you to view it below.
Introducing the TEMPORARY Collection by Wheels2Walking

View more items in the Temporary Collection.

“Keeping a temporary mindset has helped me through so many hard times. It’s so important to me, I even had the word tattooed on my arm to serve as a daily reminder,” Richard explains.

“The moment anything bad happens in my life, I immediately remind myself that this is all temporary,” he shares.

“I don’t fear it, I do the next right thing and keep moving forward. Nothing lasts, not even the bad times.”

“Then, when I finally make it through that challenge, I remind myself again this is temporary, even the good times,” he adds. “I am reminded daily that I might not get another chance, that these good times will fade. So I appreciate everything around me and never take things for granted.”

Richard Developed a New Mindset after Spinal Cord Injury

Unfortunately, Richard sustained his spinal cord injury while out for a jog in his neighborhood. A misstep and freak accident caused him to fall 50 feet onto concrete below, leaving him with multiple fractures and paralyzed from the waist down, plus a crushed elbow and split open sternum. Medical professionals told him he would never walk again. Initially during rehab, Richard used a power wheelchair but after years of ongoing therapy, he is now using a manual wheelchair and can walk short distances.

“When I was first injured,” Richard explains, “I had to relearn how to do everything from trial and error, constantly failing and learning what worked best for me.”

That’s why Wheels2Walking, the video movement founded by Richard and his friend Andrew Deitsch, aims to help a global community of wheelchair users learn new and better ways to enjoy life after a traumatic physical injury or condition. “We make videos for newly injured wheelchair users to help improve their quality of life and regain independence,” he shares.

More Visual Resources for Adjusting to a New Normal

The most popular video Richard has shared to date is titled, “Why I Use a Wheelchair if I Can Walk.” With more than 400,000 views on Facebook and 1.7 million views on YouTube, this hilarious short film aims to educate the general population on why people with different ranges of mobility may also intentionally use a wheelchair for getting around.

“We also subtly and playfully poke fun at people who point and stare at wheelchair users,” Richard adds with a smile.

Richard Corbett spending time with friends who appreciate how he rolls.
Richard enjoys spending time with friends who appreciate how he rolls.
Parting Words of Advice from Wheels2Walking

“Wheels2Walking is something I created for myself. Not my current self, but for my past self,” Richard often says to people who ask him why he works so hard creating video content. “That 20-year-old kid who had his entire future taken away from him. The kid who didn’t know how to live life in a wheelchair, who was constantly confused and constantly failing. Wheels2Walking is for him and everyone else going through the exact same thing.” If you are in a similar situation now to what Richard experienced nearly a decade ago, he has a few final words of wisdom to help guide your new normal.

“Your whole life begins to change when you start to focus on what you DO have, instead of what you DON’T have, especially during hardships,” Richard explains.

“Wear your Temporary mindset and anything that reminds you of your ability to overcome challenges with pride. Go out into the world with passion and drive, appreciating everything you have in the present moment,” he adds with a smile, as he knows that’s exactly how he approaches life too.

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About Richard Corbett
About Richard Corbett

As the star of the Wheels2Walking YouTube channel, Richard is presently one of the most-watched social media influencers in the disability space. “I make videos for newly-injured wheelchair users to help improve their quality of life and regain independence,” he shares.

Richard began his video-based outreach effort less than two years ago. Today, he has more than 10 million video views and a skyrocketing social media presence that exceeds 100,000 followers.

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